15 de mai. de 2022

15 de mai. de 2022

Personal Plans

Personal Plans

Personal Plans

Follow up on your team's personal development plans through Bud!

Have you ever thought about using the power of OKRs to map and pursue your own personal goals and objectives, separate from the company's strategy? Now you can!

Introducing the Individual Plan! 🤩

Now, you can harness the transformative power of OKRs for your personal goals and objectives. Whether it's tracking your Personal Development Plan (PDI) or your own career aspirations, you can create the OKRs you want. Have a conversation with your leader about how you can use this new feature to support your development!

Here are 5 things you need to know:

1. The "My Things" page has changed!

It's now divided into two tabs: "Company OKRs," where you'll find your key results and tasks related to the business strategy, and the new "Individual Plan" tab, where you can organize your personal goals.

2. It's new, but you already know how to use it

The Individual Plan is based on the OKRs experience in Bud that you already know and know how to use! Add descriptions, create tasks, do check-ins, and track your progress in your plan.

3. It's personal, but also collaborative

Count on the support of your colleagues to achieve your personal goals and objectives. Following the OKRs philosophy, your Individual Plan can be seen by everyone, and your colleagues can comment and offer help with your goals :)

4. Only what matters most to you

The OKRs in your Individual Plan follow your "personal strategy" for your life and your career and don't need to have a direct relationship with the business strategy. Therefore, Individual Plans do not impact the company's or team's progress.

5. Navigate through your colleagues' profiles

The new Profile feature works like the "My Things" screen you already know but for your colleagues' "Things": see not only their Individual Plans but also KRs and business tasks assigned to them. Oh, and don't worry, Personal Tasks are only visible to the person who's created them!


So, what do you think of this new feature? 😊

We've worked hard to make Bud better and are always attentive to feedback from our user community. If you'd like to share your comments and suggestions about Bud or if you need assistance from our support team, please reach out to us by sending an email to help@getbud.co.

Until next time, and best of luck with your OKRs!

Bud Team

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Escolha uma data e agende uma conversa para ver o Bud na prática!

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