28 de fev. de 2022

28 de fev. de 2022

Meet your new Dashboard!

Meet your new Dashboard!

Meet your new Dashboard!

Bud's dashboard has a fresh new look! Check out all that's changed.

The dashboard is Bud's homepage and represents the first thing our users see when accessing the platform. Until now, this view was limited to the company's OKR progress in the quarterly cycle and the team rankings based on their progress. We felt we could make this screen much more useful, and this month's update is all about that!

Dashboard Reimagined

Our team spoke with several users to understand which information within Bud is the most relevant and how a homepage could be even more helpful in understanding the progress of the strategy. With this in mind, we've completely redesigned this page, which is now more useful and more beautiful than ever. Check out what has changed:

New Design

The dashboard has been completely redesigned to create a clearer, lighter, more engaging, and useful experience for all Bud users. Important information is easily visible, and users quickly understand what requires their attention.

Annual and Quarterly OKRs

One of the most requested features has finally arrived! Now you can view the progress of both quarterly and annual OKRs directly from the dashboard.

Expected Progress

In addition to knowing the overall progress, measured by the average progress of all objectives in that cycle, Bud now also informs whether the progress is above or below expectations based on time. For this calculation, we consider the 70% reference value as the execution goal, the market benchmark for OKRs.

Strategy Health

Take the temperature of your OKRs by knowing how many key results are at each confidence level, which is a key piece of information to understand the health of a strategy cycle. Identify areas of concern and work to overcome barriers and other obstacles.

Key Result listing by Confidence Level

Dive deeper into the strategy health analysis by clicking on one of the confidence levels to see all key results with that status. From this list, click on any of them to display the sidebar and join the discussion by leaving a comment.

And another new feature that's not on the dashboard but also helps track progress:

Weekly Variation by Key Result

Our users love to understand the week-over-week variation in the progress of each team and each objective. Now, Bud also provides the week-over-week variation for each key result! This is a quick and visual way to understand what's moving and what's not without having to investigate the last check-in of each result.

and there's more:

Personal Tasks

Working with tasks through checklists in key results has become one of our most popular features. Now, we are expanding task management in Bud beyond OKRs!

Get to know all about the new Personal Tasks:

What is this feature for?

Personal tasks are yours to use as you wish! You can list your daily or weekly priorities, set reminders for yourself, or even jot down your reading list :)

Who can see my personal tasks?

Only you can view and interact with your personal tasks. This means you can use them to organize your workday, but also to track personal matters.

Where can I find this feature?

On the My Things page, you'll now find a new section called 'My Personal Tasks.' It's located above the key results tasks :)


So? How do you like the new updates? :)

We work hard to make Bud better every day, and we're always listening to feedback from our user community. If you'd like to share your comments and suggestions about Bud, or if you need assistance from our support team, please reach out to us by sending an email to help@getbud.co.


Until next time, and best of luck with your OKRs!

Bud Team

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Escolha uma data e agende uma conversa para ver o Bud na prática!

Escolha uma data e agende uma conversa para ver o Bud na prática!

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